Penny and her ping pong ball


I tried to take some pictures of our cat (Penny) at home but no matter what angle I tried to shoot her from, she’d roll her eyes (mentally, but I’m sure she’d do it physically if possible) and deliberately turn her head away. We tried to tempt her into playing with a ping pong ball, but she just stared at it disdainfully. (The shot above was sadly the best I could get.)

So I thought I’d show a video my fiance made last summer, of Penny in her sprightlier days, learning to play with a ping pong ball (and be sure to turn on the sound to hear Penny’s theme song):


13 thoughts on “Penny and her ping pong ball

  1. Bahaha! What a fluffeh kitteh! My Shelby actually turns stellar when toys are present…when her paw is not hurt, that is (sob!).

    One way of making miss penny lane to look at you is to make clicking rapid noises with your mouth the moment you press the shutter release (otherwise she’ll easily figure it out and won’t turn her head to look) or to have one of those shiny swishy ball things that make a funny noise when you shuffle them in your hand – hold it up and shoot!

    The look you’ll get won’t be her most natural, but it will do the job. Cats are tough to photograph, they don’t seem to be crazy about making an eye contact to begin with :). Except when they attac, haha!

  2. Such a gorgeous kitty! That’s why I usually stick to dogs, although roughly half the shelter dogs look away as soon as I bring the camera up in front of my face. Treats might help though! My parents’ cats fall for it every time. :)

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