Diyosa’s housewarming party


Some snapshots from Diyosa’s housewarming party. It was awesome to see some friendly familiar faces, and also to finally meet people who I know of via flickr, including an international flickr’er, the saucy Aussie named Linda. And some cool kiddos, too! Children of photographers seriously know how to pose. I was so impressed.


A few behind-the-scenes shots of jump shots:



17 thoughts on “Diyosa’s housewarming party

  1. Cool ! Saw the aftermath picture from Diyosa’s Instagram with a counter full of drinks =) I still can’t get over how much Ms. Cindy C. and her daughter look so much alike.

  2. i love your photography as well! ahh yes. anything budget in SF or LA is a potential nightmare. i’ve been in the process of looking up great outdoor venues that are city-owned. :) where is your wedding taking place?

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