Blue Chair Fruit Company on the Local Creators


A new profile is up on the Local Creators!  I was welcomed into the Oakland-based Blue Chair Fruit Company, the premier artisanal jam and marmalade company in the US.  Owner Rachel Saunders and sous chef Jo Huynh were incredibly sweet and friendly, and chatted with me while picking berries in their kitchen. If you’re in the area and want some amazing jams (like their Bourbon’d Peach-Apple Jam or my favorite, the Meyer Lemon-Blood Orange Marmalade with Rose Geranium), stop by their kitchen on Mondays from 5-7pm for some sampling and friendly faces.

But in the meantime, check out the scene at Blue Chair Fruit on the Local Creators!


6 thoughts on “Blue Chair Fruit Company on the Local Creators

  1. My gorgeous friend, you are on fire!! That post is perfection. I’m so happy you created the project for yourself rather than waiting. Run with this girl, it’s going to take you places, I can feel it. I was looking at the website of the spicy tomato relish I used in my recent lasagne post and wishing I could photograph their work space. It must have been great seeing the jam workshop. I love all the jars together!

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