Trying out the best of San Francisco

With an offer to try out the best ice cream and pizza in San Francisco and take pictures, who could resist? I got to try Humphry Slocombe ice cream, which now poses a significant threat to my undying love of Bi-Rite ice cream. (The Blue Bottle Vietnamese coffee flavor gets a big thumbs up from me.)

For the best margherita pizza in the city, we went to Tony’s Pizza Napoletana. And yes indeed, it was significantly better than the other ones I’ve tried. But with pizza shops along every corner in the North Beach district, it seems only fair to try out their pizzas as well, for comparison’s sake. It’s a challenge, but I’m up to it.

~Thanks Eric and Matt, for showing me around! I had a great time!~



16 thoughts on “Trying out the best of San Francisco

  1. Aw. The Mission shots make me super wistful for my trip this past spring! I only chomped on Bi-Rite – guess Humphrey’s is gonna be on the list for next time!

  2. You beat me to Humphry Slocombe! Been wanting to try that place for a while…I better make my photo walks more brisk to keep from fattening up from all this eating we do in SF ;)

  3. And…. looks like you’ve just done what I suggest we do one day in my email to you just now! I love going on these photo walks with you and co. via your pictures. I also love that bokeh is still creeping into some of your photos. I’ve decided I NEED coffee cups in a deep browny/mauve colour.

  4. What beautiful pictures of San Francisco! A dream city. The houses – such as from an American movie. I especially like the photos of the city and only where the cow hanging on the wall. That’s great.

  5. I’m really going to have to remember these places :) The pictures from the Haight area really brings me back to just a few months ago :D Awesome set of pics!

  6. Oh wow that all looks amazing. Love how they wrote their flavors on the glass! Perfect for changing displays. Dangit I need to get back up to SF!

  7. Drool-worthy shots filled with beautiful light and a great selection of food from the city; i’m lovin this post! Humphry Slocombe has been on my list for quite some time; i really want to try their Secret Breakfast flavor.

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