Go Giants!


There’s something about baseball that I just love — it’s just so quintessential Americana. The cheering, the jeering, the hot dogs… It’s a whole other experience. I grew up watching baseball, so when we got a chance to see the SF Giants game this past Sunday as they were playing the Cleveland Indians at AT&T Park, I jumped at the chance. We were in the nosebleed bleacher seats, but sat right next to loud cheerers and jeerers, so we felt right in the middle of the game.

Some things I learned from this experience:
(1) You will not regret bringing a winter coat and gloves, even if the afternoon temperature seems way too hot.
(2) The restroom lines move amazingly fast. Amazingly. Even the women’s. If it’s 30 people deep, you won’t be waiting for longer than a few minutes.
(3) The Cal-Trains after the game are packed. Like sardines. Even the ones running before the game ends.
(4) You won’t see nicer views at any other baseball stadium.

PS: The Giants won, 3-1! And got 16 strikeouts! Go Giants!



20 thoughts on “Go Giants!

  1. Lovely mix of B/W and color. Favorite shots are the hot dog stands.. but love the composition with the flag poles and lights. AT&T Park rocks! Nice arrow btw =)

  2. I agree – the hot dog stand shots are my fave – but being a native Californian, how could I not love this entire post? Go Giants!

  3. love this set! even though it’s a break from flowers + food :P

    something about getting hot dogs and junk food at events like this really excites me hehe.

  4. You know what I love about ATT park? The cheap bleacher seats ROCK. I seriously think there’s no bad seat in the entire park. Great job on this post! The images are giving me nostalgic feelings about the last time I went to see a game.

  5. I am blown away by this post; such a complete capture of the spirit behind a Giants game. The shots of SOMA around the ballpark are a nice touch. Great job!

  6. Love all of these! We are a family of baseball fanatics(Go Mariners:). You captured all of the fun and excitement going to the ballpark entails. Beautiful colors and feel. I especially love the orange chucks pic, and the one with the lights and flags. Fabulous job!

  7. Only you could make a baseball stadium look this awesome and vintage-y all at the same time. Definitely a pretty setting for baseball! Although I have to say watching the sun set from Angel stadium down here is pretty awesome… :)

  8. I love going to sports games. The atmosphere, sitting in the stands eating junk food, people watching, laughing at the mascot’s antics, zooming my camera in on them. Awesome photos lovely lady! You have really captured it well. I didn’t know the stadium had such a great view. Sorry I haven’t been commenting this month. Just got home yesterday from a month travelling around Europe so have lots to catch up on! Thank you for your kind words about “my eyes” post, so glad you went back and found it! Now… onto sorting through my thousands of holiday photos…. :)

  9. A great post. Here in Germany, baseball is not widespread, and it’s very interesting to read your report and see your photos. Your photos are great.

  10. amazing photos! I’ve been to the States once but never got to a baseball game. My boyfriend has never been but loves sports. I can’t wait to take him to a big baseball game, it will be so much fun!

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