Santouka Ramen

A perfect Friday night to me means ramen and pearl tea. (Surprisingly, I never really photograph pearl tea; no real good reason why.) The best ramen place I’ve ever been to is called Santouka Ramen, located in the Mitsuwa Marketplace (a Japanese grocery store). (I’ve also posted on it before.) Frustratingly, Santouka closes at 7pm everyday (even weekends!) so it can be difficult to get there in time. And the ambiance is… well, it’s in the middle of a grocery store, so it’s not great. And the lighting is terrible. And they only take cash. But the ramen is worth it!

Top it off with pearl tea from Fantasia, and you have the makings of a perfect night.

PS: With the exception of the first shot (at f/2.8), I shot all photos at f/4.  I’m not gonna lie, it was hard when you’re used to shooting at f/1.4 all the time!  I’ve recently shot some pics in which all the bokeh has ruined some shots, so I’m trying to force myself to get out of the habit of bokeh’ing everything.  I may also be subconsciously prepping myself for a 24-105mm/4 lens…. Ugh, the lens lust never ceases!


Santouka Ramen

at the Mitsuwa Marketplace
San Jose, CA


10 thoughts on “Santouka Ramen

  1. I have the 24-120mm f/4 from Nikon and love it. Until it finally came out I always envied that Canon 24-105! Extremely versatile lens.

    Yummy post! Ramen is one of my favorite foods =P

  2. Great pics; love how the green in those onions just pop off the screen. A friend just recommended this place to me; what a coincidence! Ramen would have to be my last meal on earth. I just love a good bowl with perfect noodles and broth. Next time I’m in San Jose, I will definitely check this out. I also recently took a food shot at f/5.6 for my latest post; definitely challenging but refreshing to see something more than just bokeh for a change.

  3. i definitely agree… that the lens lust never does end! wonderful shots here, and oh, i agree as well on the bad light, not that your photos have bad light here, but more on the fact that it’s so frustrating when you want to take good photos of some place or some things and there is just not enough light for you to take a nice shot…

  4. love the fourth shot! and yeah i can’t get away from the damn bokeh.

    you must try the ramen at ippudo when you come to ny. it knocks every other ramen place out of the park.

  5. Looks yuuuummy! Making me crave my local Japanese place now, I haven’t been in a couple weeks. :) Sometimes it’s good to break out of the wide open aperture pit, for sure. Hard, but good! Love these.

  6. Thanks so much, everyone!

    @ John: This place is definitely worth it. Try it with the sides too!

    @ Howie: Oh no, I am not buying this lens just yet… well… I mean… the key is to not rent it, so as not to be tempted. :)

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