Pink ranunculus came and went


The season for ranunculus flowers came and went far too quickly. Going through my archives, I saw these photos and decided to post ’em up. I’ve been on the lookout for more flowers these last few weeks, but honestly, none of them seem to catch my eye. Is it just me? I seem to like winter flowers the best.



8 thoughts on “Pink ranunculus came and went

  1. Whaaaa? Maybe I’m just a flower junkie but how can you not love summer flowers? Cosmos! Baby’s Breath! And my all-time favorite flower – the Foxglove – seems to be sprouting up in quite a few neighborhood yards. It’s all enough to make me grab my camera and go EEEEEE! ;)

    Ranunculuses (Ranunculi?!) are quite special, though. They always remind me of piranha plants from Mario Bros. (Nerd!) You could probably fill the void with some Zinnias until winter brings the real thing back!

  2. Thanks so much, everyone!

    @ Alice: You know it! You’re good. It’s about how to draw happy people.

    @ Kim: Haha, I love your enthusiasm. Oh actually, I do love baby’s breath; I just never seem to buy them, I guess. And I’ve never heard of Zinnias! I will definitely be on the lookout. :)

  3. Beautiful lighting and colors in this series! You just gave me the idea to go back into my archives and see if there might be some blog worthy shots to revive.

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