The magical window


I’ve now seen the loveliest apartment in all of San Francisco, and it belongs to Cindy and Seth.  Everything about it was perfect for pictures: white and airy, and the lighting was soft but bright.  I could have spent hours taking pictures there.  Ah well, these will have to suffice.  Thanks to Cindy & Seth for letting me take pics, and also to the sweet kittehs who knew just how to pose.

PS: I was lucky enough to have my blog post on Ardenwood Farm featured as a “Freshly Pressed” post on the front page of WordPress on Friday.  Thank you to all the visitors who stopped by, and also those who left such wonderful comments.  So much appreciated!



7 thoughts on “The magical window

  1. The light is so gorgeous. I love that window too, and that wall of photos. Cindy and Seth both have great taste in interior decorating. Congrats to you on being featured on wordpress front page!

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