It was Love at First Bite


While traipsing about the Gourmet Ghetto in Berkeley, we stumbled upon a bakery called Love at First Bite. As a woman of science, I had to test out the cupcakes to analyze and determine just how good it was. (For objective purposes, you see.) Many taste tests later, I concluded that these were, as scientists would say, very yummy. In fact, the gingerbread one (with lemon frosting — a brilliant combination, just brilliant) is now one of my favorite cupcakes ever. There were so many unusual flavors (green tea, lemon blueberry, pumpkin, oreo, and more) that we’ll definitely be back.


Love at First Bite
1510 Walnut Street, Suite G
Berkeley, CA 94709


9 thoughts on “It was Love at First Bite

  1. dude i need this lens. so bad.
    also loving the tones in these shots! i totally agree with howie too – all the reflections and glass look great here.

  2. I must stop by this place during my next trip to the East Bay. Love the light and and different colors of the frosting. Good thing there weren’t any fingerprint smudges on these covers!

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