The Patterson House at Ardenwood Farm (part 2 of 3)

Continuing the tour of the Patterson House (see part 1 here)…

Children’s bedrooms
The children had a variety of now-vintage cameras, including a Kodak Brownie  (such lucky ducks!).

The bathroom
The bathroom separated the children’s bedrooms from the play room.  That very small raised tub was for babies — how smart!  So much better than washing them in the sink or a mini plastic tub.

The children’s room
Toys galore! But very distinguished ones, like porcelain dolls and sewing kits.

Oh how I wished I could’ve taken wider shots of the rooms, but there were 6 other people in the rooms with me, and we had to stay together on the walking tour, so no sneaking into other rooms and taking pictures at our leisure (oh, how I wish!).

One more post of the house to come!


12 thoughts on “The Patterson House at Ardenwood Farm (part 2 of 3)

  1. Such a dreamy place, just like homes you’d see in movies during past decades. Your vignettes are giving this so much character.

  2. I absolutely love the children’s bedrooms with that rocking chair. And I love the antique sink that’s in the bathroom as well. This tour must have been so much fun and you know I love your photos.

  3. I find the historic house magnificent. So many great pictures. I like every picture. There is so much to discover. The snow shoes, and the small bath in the bathroom, and small toys in the playroom. So cute.
    If you consider that almost everything is original and 100 years ago was really played with the toy – wonderful imagination.

  4. Just…wow. My degree is in history and I LOVE doing old home tours like these. I want to move in to this one! Definitely going to have to see it in person next time I’m up there. Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. So cool. I especially love your pictures of the playroom with all those old toys. I’m looking forward to seeing Part 3, but I think you’ve already sold me on a visit there! :)

  6. It’s one of those posts where the viewer can slowly scroll down and examine each photo to find great details. I LOVE how you beautifully captured the indoor ambient lighting.

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