Ardenwood Farm (part 2 of 2)

This is the last set of pics from the farmyard portion of Ardenwood Farm. No stories of pigs peeing or pictures of peacock poop here. Although I will say that I was quite obviously enamored with that clothes line (see how it has taken up 3 pictures in these last two posts? in contrast, some cute little goats got 0 pictures included). And for the first time, I saw sheep being herded, and wow, was it difficult! There was one rogue sheep that refused to follow orders (see him there? he’s in the 5th pic), and once the rest of the sheep saw he wasn’t going in the pen, they oh-so-loudly brayed to be let out and tried to make a run for it en masse. I thought it was adorable. (I guess because I wasn’t the one trying to do the shepherding.)



15 thoughts on “Ardenwood Farm (part 2 of 2)

  1. I love the clothesline as well! I thought this was like a visitors’ farm and wouldn’t have people actually doing things there.

  2. These are wonderful. It is clear in your words that you had a great time. How adorable are those brown eyes looking at you through the fence? And the clothesline? I would have gravitated towards it too, it’s like they casually but intentionally put them there to look so picture perfect, complete with the pegs. I have peg envy. And I’d love that tin bucket to grow herbs in. So glad you had fun there lovely! Did you sit under that tree on the picnic table? Very inviting. And thanks for your comment, I’ve missed you! :)

  3. What a beautiful place! We visit a farm, not too far from us, but it is very much set up as a business. It has animals and barns and such, but it doesn’t strike me as authentic as this one pictured here. . . as though you’re walking through the farmer’s daily life.

    Love it!

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