Ardenwood Farm (part 1 of 2)

This past weekend, we visited Ardenwood Farm in Fremont — what a place! I highly recommend it. It’s pretty much the perfect farm: barnyard animals, a blacksmith forge (complete with a working blacksmith!), a mansion, and more (and a corn maze in the fall!).

See that little piggy? He was adorable. I walked along the outside of his pen, trying to get a good picture of him. I followed him to a corner, but when he started rooting in his poop, I decided to walk away and give him a little privacy. I took two steps leftward and glanced back, and that’s when I saw it — he was peeing through the fence right to the place I had been standing at literally 5 seconds before! Projectile peeing, you guys! And not vertically peeing — it was horizontal, landing like a foot behind him. I almost got peed on by a pig that was just eating his own poop! Oh lord. Farm life is not for me.

One more post of the farmyard coming up. And then I’ll show you the mansion on the farm. :) More to come!

Edited to add: See part 2 of the farm here. Also, the Patterson Mansion on the farm is in 3 posts: part 1, part 2, and part 3.



66 thoughts on “Ardenwood Farm (part 1 of 2)

  1. Oh my gosh, this post is so full of win! From the funny story, which is complimented by the juxtaposition of a peacock standing next to a pile of poop (ha!) to the absolutely GORGEOUS shot of that wooden chair I’d do anything to be sitting in right this second.

    Damn good post.

  2. “not vertically peeing-it was horizontal”, oh my gosh! I am dying at the mental image. Too funny! Such a beautiful farm and such wonderful images. I love the clothes-line and rocking chair pictures so much! Can’t wait to see more.

  3. Loving this photowalk; you’ve perfectly captured the mood and rustic character of the farm. Especially like the shot of the wallking chair with that perfect light. Looking forward to part 2!

  4. These are great photos of the farm. I like the many details that can be discovered in the photos as the wooden horse in the first photo. And I like the pig, which is cute. :)

  5. wow this place looks amazing! and right up my alley. i was on a farm this past weekend too but this one seems more rustic and charming. love the clothes hanging pic.

  6. These pics are thoroughly charming. Those wide boards on the verandah go hand in hand with lazy sunday afternoons with gin and tonics, a comfy swing chair and a good book.

  7. I love what you did with the theme “under the influence”. Your site looks great, neat and well organized. Colors of photos add a lot of unity to the overall site. I am also using the same theme at in a similar way. How did you get the photos side-by-side?

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  9. This seems like a great place to go. I have walked on the trail that runs along one side of the farm, and the farm looks fun. I saw some children making “ba-a-a” sounds at the sheep. I would love to do volunteer work here, because I believe it is important to learn about farming.

  10. Really nice post! I’ve been to Ardenwood many times and never seen it like you have. Of course, back then I wasn’t carrying a camera, either. I’m inspired to do better now that I am. Awesome job.

  11. I just love the Gazebo and the way the trees covered the pathway to the Gazebo, ant the barn view with the leafless tree is just devine….perfect place to rest your mind away from the city……love it =)

  12. Beautiful pictures! I looked into Ardenwood for my wedding. It’s such a pretty place. I grew up in Hayward and until I was venue hunting, had no idea this place was there. My parents often go to the farmstand for tomatoes and carrots. Congrats on being FP!

  13. the big creation from the God . Its Wonderfull. like my village in Indonesia…There are any field, slamet mounth in every morning with sunrise. Refresh our aye from crowded city

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