A cupcake decorating class

This past week, I talked about this upcoming cupcake decoration class to everyone who would listen. No one was exempt; strangers, coworkers, and friends all had to suffer me constantly prattling on and on about this. But how could I help it? Not only was I going to decorate cupcakes, but it was being held in one of my most favorite bakeries ever — SusieCakes. Plus, the picture opportunities!

Once I got there, however, I realized you just can’t be a photographer and a cupcake decorator — it’s one or the other. So the camera had to go in the bag for most of the class. Oh well. But aside from that, everything was lovely.  The workers are always so helpful and friendly, and they were so patient with us as we tried to smooth on frosting (much harder than it looks) and create decorations (faaaaar harder than it looks).  And in the end, we walked away with a dozen cupcakes!

Much thanks to SusieCakes for the great experience.  (And I’ll be back for another strawberry cupcake.)



22 thoughts on “A cupcake decorating class

  1. Looks like it was a fun class, and you still managed to sneak in some great shots! Putting the camera away is tough, but sometimes there’s no choice.

  2. I suck at decorating cupcakes, so I would love a class like that. I want to open a café in the next few years, so I need to improve my baking skills since at first, I’ll be in the kitchen.

    Is this film or did you process it to look like film? I love the atmosphere.

  3. those cupcakes are so cute, especially the kitty one! i think if it was me, i would abandon the cake-decorating part and take pics (oh, and eat the cupcakes after everyone’s done decorating them :)

  4. I definitely can relate to having to choose between being a part of something or taking photos of it! Looks like a great time, and I would love to sample one of these cupcakes!

  5. I need to book me into one of these baking classes as I’m quite poor at cake decorating.

    Thanks for sharing your photographs. Its sounds like you had a fun and productive day.

  6. It’s the classic photog conundrum – document or participate? I think you managed to walk the line between pretty darn well! And they look so yummy!

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