The red-haired baker & her cinnamon buns

My lovely friend Cheryl is not only whip smart, but an amazing baker. Always looking for new photo opportunities, I asked her if I could photograph her baking process (and because she’s so sweet, she agreed!). It was a great opportunity to get outside of my comfort zone and photograph something in a different lighting and setup than I’m used to — for instance, there was no natural light in her apartment (all the photographers reading this are gasping right now, right?). So this was perfect — not only did I learn so much about my photography skills, but I got some cinnamon buns, too! (Why can’t all photo shoots end like that?)

Thank you for letting me into your home Cheryl! (And the cinnamon buns were absolutely delicious.)



17 thoughts on “The red-haired baker & her cinnamon buns

  1. what a fun fun series!!!! i quite like the indoor ambient lighting and your WB all looked great (which is the trickiest thing for indoor lighting). i really like how you put the photos together to tell this baking story. I feel like i was there watching her in the entire process.

  2. Awesome! And yes, well done on the WB in such challenging conditions! You’ve reminded me of a set of photos I have to finish editing of friends making yummy food. Must get onto that. Those cinnamon rolls look great. Love the last photo!

  3. Dude. I need to learn how to make cinnamon buns. Also, you had us pegged – I mentally gasped at the bit about no natural light! :(

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