The best day of the week

We managed to sneak in at the counter for a quick brunch (well, lunch for me) last weekend…


Happy Friday! Any exciting plans for the weekend? My plans are a bit up in the air, but I have a feeling that there’ll be lots of photo opportunities. Hope you have a good weekend!


7 thoughts on “The best day of the week

  1. YUMMIES! Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend…I am still getting over my cold (possibly strep throat) and am on antibiotics, so hope to be 100% by the weekend! Ciao!

  2. I have no exciting plans this weekend but to hang out with my mom as usual, shop, then go to the movies and write a review. But to me that is fun lol. I hope you enjoy your weekend and I love this brunch :)

  3. I can’t see food in black and white. But I see art. They are having a festival on Sunday at the Hakone Garden in Saratoga and I may go to that. There will be Mochi pounding demo, tea ceremonies, and other music and dance performances.

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