Bread & butter


The simplest foods can sometimes taste the best. I discovered Clover butter last week, and wow! I’m not really a butter person, but even I instantly was blown away by how incredibly delicious it was. I extolled its amazingness to J. so much that he had to try it for himself. (He is now a believer.)

As a side note, no cats were harmed in the making of this, despite our kitty suddenly jumping up onto the table to see what the fuss was about.



19 thoughts on “Bread & butter

  1. My mama always says that if she had to live on one thing for the rest of her life, it would be bread and butter. I agree – simpler is so often better! Right now I’m really into unsalted whipped butter, for some reason, but you’ve inspired me to give Clover a try!

  2. Mmmm- the bread looks delicious!! I’m not much a bread person, but today I had the most incredible bread (it was so fresh). so, now i’m a huge fan of fresh bread! i love how the butter is slightly melted on the bread – droooool! and kitties, they are so darn nosy!

  3. Thanks, Howie & Karleen!

    Karleen — so lucky you aren’t a bread person! Saves so many calories. Although I’ll admit, this bread was not the best… it was more of a vehicle for the butter. Ha!

  4. I think your kitty knew something was smelling delicious and wanted to try some of that clover butter lol. As always, I adore your photos and I have to admit I never heard of Clover butter. I might have to get some.

  5. Totally with you on this! Love french bread and butter – so delicious. Also love the simplicity of olive oil, garlic and chilli with pasta.

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