The Mission District & Half Moon Bay

A few weeks ago, I rented the 35mm/1.4 (btw, totally buying that soon — I can’t help it!) and took it out and about. Despite the rainy and bleak day, we traipsed along the Mission District in San Francisco, and then went to Half Moon Bay. We tested out foods rumored to be the “best margarita pizza,” “best coffee,” and “best donuts.” It’s a hard life. No, really, it was — Dynamo Donuts ran out of donuts by the time we got there. (See? So sad.) To make up for this, we had to try what was rumored to be the best cookies. (And it was there that we ran into Cindy, Seth, Pei, and Chris — some amazing photogs, also seen earlier in my flickr mixer posts).



17 thoughts on “The Mission District & Half Moon Bay

  1. I especially like the photos from the blue car down. They are all together wonderful. I like the countryside and the sea – and the letter boxes in the summer meadow. Beautiful.

  2. i LOVE the pics of wildflowers and mailboxes! that totally needs to go to your online porfolio! and yes, it is a hard life that we live not being able to get the “best” doughnuts =)

  3. @ Kristin: Thank you!

    @ Karleen: LOL! I’ll bet donuts don’t hold as much appeal for you since you grew up with them all around. But these ones would’ve had bacon on them… or been tea flavored… or something else amazing… Although then Chris and Pei said that they were good but not necessarily the best donuts, so maybe it worked out for the best.

  4. Interesting mix in this post. My favorite shot is also the mailboxes one. How was the pizza? It’ looks good. You should never to go to borrowlenses again! =)

  5. Oooh. Those mailboxes are so quaint. How I love Half Moon Bay! I haven’t been there since I was a teenager, though. And I’m PRETTY sure I walked by that b&w computer cafe every single day of my trip. Could be wrong but it looked mighty familiar.

  6. I think that your photography is gorgeous! And I think that we should go to Delfina sometime because William and I are dying to try the pannacotta, which was on the list that you sent me :-)

  7. Thanks so much, everyone! :)

    @ photohogger: I don’t have the 35L in my possession anymore, but yes, totally digging it. It must soon be mine. :)

    @ Howie: The pizza was good… not the best in the city per se, but still good! Plus, primo location.

  8. Fantastic series of shots here. I’ve been craving pizza so bad; this post did not help! Have you tried Una Pizza Napoletana? It’s my fav in SF. I don’t think the 35L will ever leave your camera once you get it.

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