A blownout study of flowers

Before I start this post, I just wanted to say a humongous thank you to all of your support for my portfolio release! I am humbled by how supportive and incredibly sweet people have been.  So thank you thank you thank you!

Totally inspired to try something new, I’d been eying a certain type of overexposed, blown highlights style lately, so I thought I’d give it a whirl. (Ranunculus flowers made the perfect model, of course.) It’s an interesting technique and result, and super flattering in the right situations, but hmm… not sure if I feel comfortable enough with it to do it too often.



19 thoughts on “A blownout study of flowers

  1. These are so lovely. The bottom two are my favorite… I THINK. So hard to choose! And I agree – with results like this, blow those highlights out any day of the week!

  2. Thanks for stopping by today! Elle Decor is brill, as is the UK version Ellle Decoration – pleased you’ve discovered them as they are fab mags! Love the orange hue of these blooms.

  3. I’m a little behind, but huge congrats on your portfolio! It’s really lovely and the selections look so pretty together – I hope it brings you great things! These ranunculus look dreamy – I like the colors.

  4. i love your portfolio. the simple, minimalistic design and array of subjects is wonderful. and these ranunculus are drop dead gorgeous. way to experiment! my faves? second row, right side, and very last two. the color is sublime.

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