Anatolian Art in Palo Alto

Remember how late last month, I posted my Turkey anniversary pics? (You can see the posts here.) Well, that weekend, I was walking in downtown Palo Alto and passed by a store that had lanterns in the window — the same lanterns that I saw in Turkey one year before! So I decided to go in and ask if I could take some pics. The owner kindly let me not only take pics of the lanterns but also the rest of his store. What luck! And, at the end, he even offered me Turkish tea! (And it was apple tea, too.) Lovely.


Anatolian Art
532 Ramona St.
Palo Alto, CA 94301


12 thoughts on “Anatolian Art in Palo Alto

  1. i just love the colors and intricate designs! i’m sure the owner was thrilled with what you captured – your post makes me want to visit his shop to buy something there (if i lived close by :)

  2. Wow what a gorgeous shop! Funny how sometimes the thing you’re thinking of or the word you just learned somehow pop up everywhere…like I’m so missing London with all the royal wedding fever (I spent 2 months there one summer) and then there was a deal through a blog for an awesome “I left my heart in London” style print for only $10. You know I snapped it up! :)

  3. Oh I love all the colors and textures you captured! Beautiful photos :) I have a couple of those Turkish lanterns, they let off such pretty light!

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