At the florist in Berkeley

During a stroll in downtown Berkeley, a friend and I found a sweet little floral shop with a friendly worker. It was completely charming, from the metal tub of gardenias to the cut flowers on the floor…storyboard-comp-2


17 thoughts on “At the florist in Berkeley

  1. Just doing my usual blog visits and I guess it must be spring when I see nothing but flowers and blossom on most recent blog posts. These have nice contrast and the tones are very pleasing to the eyes. Not overly bright or saturated. Love them =)

  2. I love going into floral shops. They are always so much fun and you get to see the latest creation someone is making. These photos are absolutely beautiful and I love the arrangements you took a picture of. Nice.

  3. I’ve been trying to find a reason why I really really need some metal tins… I just love the look of them, especially the photo where they are in rows on the wooden benches. Love love.

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