Flyin’ kites

We were at a walkathon this weekend, and not only did we get to see some scenic views, but we got to fly kites! (Not that the walkaton was related to kites in any way; people just came prepared for anything.) It was my first time flying a kite, too. And let me tell you, it was a bit nerve-wracking! Lots of things to keep track of. Does anyone else feel this stressed when flying kites? Is it just me? (Might be.)



9 thoughts on “Flyin’ kites

  1. Hello lovely! I love long walks, what was the walkathon for? Given that I haven’t flown a kite since I was about 9years old I think I would be very stressed out keeping on top of it all! I’d just be scared I was going to fly the kite into something I shouldn’t!

  2. Wow, this looked like a lot of fun. Can you believe I never flew a kite before, I have to start living. But then again, where it there to fly a kite in NYC lol. I have to go back home to Jersey and fly me a kite one day.

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