The best day of the week


Just some random snapshots I took inside a hotel. I loved how they had a rotary phone that was digital. (So really, just a faux rotary phone, I suppose. Still, I found it charming.) Did you ever have to use a rotary phone? When I was much younger, our house still had one. I don’t think it’s that I am that old… more that my family was just that cheap. True story.

Happy Friday! Hope your weekend is a fun one.


10 thoughts on “The best day of the week

  1. The phone is very nice – the hotel also. Wonderful photos!
    In my childhood there was no telephone. I was born in East Germany (the East of Germany, then behind the wall), and since only certain people had a telephone. The others (therefore me) had to go into a phone booth.

  2. Oh yes your question has brought the memories back like it was only last week. Funny how some things really stay in our subconscious so strongly. Like Howie, I remember how long it took to dial some numbers!

  3. Wow, these photos are stunning. I especially love the gold on the wall and I LOVE the retro phone. I’ve been trying to find me one to put in my bedroom. Yes very Sex in the City but it will match my decor. Love this post.

  4. I remember using a rotary phone as a child. Nowadays, I don’t even have a landline thanks to my cellphone. I like how you maintained the color theme in each shot here. I really want to try that Storyboard script; you do some amazing things with it. Alas, I only have Lightroom at the moment.

  5. I remember having to use one at my grandparents and at my parents’ too and I’m only 26! It was cute, but hell to use. How many times I had to dial again because I’d forgotten what digit I was at! Fun times! That’s a much classier one than we ever had.

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