Revisiting Blue Bottle

My friend and I went to Blue Bottle Cafe in SF. The last time I went was in December (see that post here) and their New Orleans Iced Coffee wow’d me. When I had it again this time… hmm, just tasted like strong iced coffee. Which is oookay. It just wasn’t the smooth deliciousness I had last time. In their defense, though, since December, I’ve had Philz Coffee and that may be to blame. Their sweet Philtered Soul and just ridiculously perfect Mint Mojito crushes all competition. Shame Philz doesn’t have the incredible lighting and design that Blue Bottle has, though.



10 thoughts on “Revisiting Blue Bottle

  1. Blue Bottle better start paying us for all the money we spend there and all the marketing we do for them! :) The very last photo is my favorite. Captures the mood of the cafe so perfectly.
    I’m with you on the mint mojito at Philz. Can’t be beat! Though have you tried the affogato at BB? That experience might make you think twice :)

  2. Great set of photos :) You caught the natural light perfectly… makes me envious too. You guys in SF have some of the best coffee in the world. I’m convinced of that much haha. Definitely looking forward to coming back just to sit back and have a cup or two… or three…

  3. Blue Bottle is great, although I’m a Philz diehard as well. But for those who haven’t tried both, your photos make it difficult to decide! Excellent eye for the atmosphere.

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