12 thoughts on “A quick walk around Chinatown

  1. Jacqueline, these images are fantastic. I love the shoe shine shop opportunity you took advantage of! I am trying to vary my use of the 50mm prime and do more street shots like this with it. I seem to only use it for more close up images. What aperture did you shoot some of these deeper street shots with? Thanks for your lovely thoughts about my “she wore red” post. I am glad that you appreciated my heartfelt words and noted my desire to keep their anonymity as well as the intimacy. Ah the opposites in one post! :)

  2. Thanks so much, everyone!

    @ Lucent: I stick around f/1.4 as much as possible; sometimes I go up if I’m in bright sunlight, anywhere from f/2.8 – 5.6. But I’d say almost all the pics here were around f/1.4 – 1.8. The DOF increases when you focus further away, so more things stay sharp even if you’re keeping your aperture around f/1.4, you know?

  3. Your photographs always have a story to them even without words. I love the angles of each photograph. These are just wonderful. Also wanted to let you know, your award will be posted in 5:30 pm eastern today :)

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