Off the Grid at Fort Mason

We were heading to San Francisco when we decided to try Off the Grid for dinner, a “mobile food cart extravaganza.” No regular street food here — this is all gourmet street food, thank you very much. From Korean burritos to Thai yellow curry to creme brulee, there was nary a hamburger or hot dog in sight.

We got there about 15 minutes before it opened, and parking was easy to find nearby even on a Friday evening (so, SFers, just get there about 15 minutes early!).  We wandered around before it started and tried to decide what to get first when we noticed a line that was already 30 people deep.  Naturally, we got in the line before even knowing what we were waiting for.  Eventually, we found it was Chairman Bao Bun Truck, which has a reputation for amazing food. Well, 40 minutes later, we finally got a variety of buns (more like mini tacos, not actual buns) that were super delicious. Totally worth it. In fact, all the food we tried was amazing. Seriously good. We will definitely be going back.



13 thoughts on “Off the Grid at Fort Mason

  1. I love those fluffy white clouds!!

    Mmm- yummy! So many things to choose from! Those buns look really delicious. Surprisingly, I have yet to try the food trucks in LA. It’s gonna be on my to-visit list :)

  2. I went to a food truck “rodeo” (as they called it) this weekend too! But there were only 5 or so trucks clumped together at a time (I think we have ~ 20 in the area total). I can only imagine such a heavenly smorgasbord as the one you went to! :)

  3. Off the Grid is off the hook! Hoo man, the fort Mason one is always PACKED. I felt like going this past weekend but didn’t get a chance. Of course I didn’t eat breakfast yet before reading this…of course! Now I’m starving!!!

  4. Yes!! You made it out there! I love how you captured the environment and mood of the event, and not just the food. Chairman Bao is one my favorite trucks and CupKates is amazing.

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