A cloudy day in downtown Palo Alto


We went to the downtown area of Palo Alto for lunch. Sadly, it was cloudy and rainy when I shot this (it had rained 13 consecutive days here at this point!) so the lighting was a bit gloomy. But still a lovely place to walk around.


11 thoughts on “A cloudy day in downtown Palo Alto

  1. Seriously, I love your eye for whimsical yet artistic and beautiful photos. I love coming to this blog. It’s a visual vacation. And the first picture is breath-taking. I have to visit Palo Alto one day.

  2. Ha. I never thought of going to Palo Alto downtown and take pictures. Now seeing your pictures and coming to think of it, they do have beautiful architectures there.

  3. I love these photos! You’ve certainly made the best of the cloudy day. I love the cherry blossoms, the architecture, the dog, the stairs… and is that red trolley that one I’ve seen on here before? It’s so cute! Love love these photos lovely!

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