The process of a cat nap











PS: I’ve just joined twitter about 3 years after everyone else. Is anyone else on twitter? Lemme know! Follow me @jackiejaszka.


13 thoughts on “The process of a cat nap

    • I know, I’m totally a late adopter for technology stuff. Like I just got a smartphone a few months ago. But none of my friends are on twitter! Lonely, party of 1…

  1. very cute! love the captions and chronicling of this simple event. i’d sleep all day too in a sunny spot like that!
    beautiful details too.

  2. haha! what a cute series! kittehs are just so lazy! if only they can lick my furniture clean…
    i see that pei has convinced you to join twitter? =) i don’t have an account – i think my productivity level would drop drastically if i join twitter (and my productivity is already suffering).

  3. Thanks so much, everyone!

    @ Karleen: Yes, Pei definitely encouraged me to join. :) But I had been thinking about it for quite a while, so I figured it was fate. And if today was any indication, yes, twitter drastically reduces one’s productivity. But if you ever do join, lemme know!

  4. Haha, I can totally relate to this series of photos. Good window light and a sleeping cat (or in my case dog). You can just sit there and take frame after frame after frame. =)

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