Turkey, a year ago (part IV: the people)


Something incredibly surreal to me about Turkey (I mean, beside architecture, history, and sights) was the energy and movement of the streets. There was literally so much packed into every square inch that I could’ve spent hours photographing just one alley. But it was the people that made everything compelling.

Have you ever looked at old Life Magazine photographs of life decades ago? (If not, I highly recommend it! One of my favorite things to do.) People were captured going about on their daily life — walking down dusty paths, carrying fishing rods, even just hanging out on the sidewalk. And yet somehow, so much raw emotion and openness was captured in these photos. If you compare it to modern photography, I feel like there’s a huge shift — people are closed off, just focused on getting to their destination, hustling down the street.

In Turkey, the streets were still full of that old-school energy and emotion, which made for so many picture opportunities. Plus, everyone was eager (although some were WAY too eager) to get their picture taken. Even those who weren’t eager were completely understanding. See that construction worker below? I put my camera up to my eye to capture him chipping away at the wall, but he caught me. I was about to put down my camera but hesitated, and in that moment, he shifted to the pose you see below to let me capture a lovely portrait of him. I snapped the one pic, put my camera down, smiled at him, and mouthed “thanks.” He nodded and gave a small smile, and went back to work.



8 thoughts on “Turkey, a year ago (part IV: the people)

  1. Have you considered making a photobook of these images (maybe you have already). These are wonderful travel photos. I love how you portrayed a sense of movement in some of them. I have a friend in Turkey…I really should pay her family a visit!

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