Campbell’s Farmers Market, part 1


I always love going to farmers markets for photography. They provide a colorful and lively setting, vendors always allow you to take pics of their goods, and everything stays still so photos are easier to frame and snap. I haven’t gone in a while, so we went this past Sunday. I took too many pics to put into 1 post, so I’ll split them into 2 separate ones.


Campbell farmers market
Campbell Ave at Central Ave
Campbell, CA 95008


13 thoughts on “Campbell’s Farmers Market, part 1

  1. Vegetables never looked this beautiful =) The bokeh on the last shot is amazing!!
    I did meet up with Pei and Chris for brunch last Sunday – had an awesome time! Hoping to meet with all of you guys for a photowalk when I’m up in your area.

  2. These are beautiful photos that really do like to visit, even a farmers market. The vegetables look delicious, especially the asparagus, and the dark purple tulips I find fantastic.

  3. Oh how lovely. Markets are beautiful locations to shoot; and this set is just gorgeous. The tulips and the chard! I also llove the one with the umbrella and the last one of the basket. Amazing.

  4. Love all the reasons you said about farmers markets being a good photoshooting place. All pics wonderfully taken! Oh.. and I saw you posting your Istanbul pictures on your Tumblr. Would love to see more pics of that . =)

  5. Absolutely adore these Jacqueline! I was just telling my husband yesterday how I’d like to go to our local farmers markets earlier than usual and photograph when there aren’t as many people around. I love that last bokeh shot too.

  6. The flowers, the fresh produce.. ahhh I felt like I was there through your photographs. I simply love this. Wonderful! Every time I come here I just adore your post more and more.

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