Old Sacramento


A few weekends ago, we visited Old Sacramento, a district of Sacramento that is actually an historic landmark and park. It’s an eclectic mix of the American Old West and new shops (that seem completely unrelated, like tatoo parlors) with an emphasis on trains and the railway. Interesting, to say the least.



15 thoughts on “Old Sacramento

  1. Old Sac is beautiful nostalgic place. Kinda too touristy tho. Believe it or not, I was planning on posting some pics I took from Old Sac as well. Did you have a chance to visit Locke while you were up there ? Locke is a very interesting place which will authentically send you back in time. Maybe I’ll post pics from Locke instead….

  2. Yeah, an interesting mix of history and tourism. And nope, didn’t visit Locke — you should post those pics! And of Old Sac too. I love seeing people’s different perspectives of the same situation.

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  4. The food looks delicious! My fav shots are those inside the restaurant with the beauitful colorful lamps. My hubby proposed to me on one of those steamboats when we were still both living in Davis!

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