Cafe Brioche

Despite the rainy weekend, I wanted to try something new, so we went to Cafe Brioche, a cozy French-American bistro with an amazing menu. Notably, we got to try our first beignets! I had never even heard of them until a few years back when I saw Disney’s The Princess and the Frog, in which the “princess” whips up these light, fluffy concoctions doused with powered sugar. I’d always been curious about them ever since, so when we saw them on the menu, we just had to try it. (Really delicious, by the way; I highly recommend. Although probably enough sugar to last you a week or two.) Overall, this was such a charming spot with a great menu, so we will definitely be coming back.

Cafe Brioche
445 S California Ave
Palo Alto, CA 94306


8 thoughts on “Cafe Brioche

    • Surprisingly big portions! Really big, especially the pancakes (but then you get leftovers, so it’s like 2 meals). And we thought there’d be just 1 beignet! Not 5. Ha!

  1. Sounds like a perfect meal out on a rainy day! Reminds me of when we went to New Orleans last year and there was icing sugar all over the floor of Cafe de Monde. And all over my husband’s and our friend’s faces!

  2. Mmm. I’ll have to add this to my South Bay list of places to try. Love the lighting in those shots and the sequence of captures throughout the meal.

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