Mission Pie

Mission Pie has such a great concept that needs to be more widely replicated — a cafe that specializes in savory and sweet pies! (Oh, and coffees. Perfect complement, but of course.) Their banana cream was so fresh and delicious. Couple it with a latte and a good friend, and the whole scene became perfect for a rainy SF day.


Mission Pie
2901 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA


13 thoughts on “Mission Pie

  1. Mmmm- i’m so seriosly jealous that you’re eating all sorts of delicious foods! the list of places that i need to try in SF is growing by each of your post!

  2. Nice photos! @ Sarah et al: Mission Pie does not have a farm, rather, we do business in a healthy way with several farms, sourcing directly for the many benefits that provides – more of the food dollar to the farm, the freshest fruits into the pies for the enjoyment of all, wonderful relationships that help us stay in touch with where food comes from… One of the farms we source from is called Pie Ranch, which you might love to visit. It’s an educational non-profit on a farm. FYI, people have gotten it wrong in the past, so when you google, you will find a ref or two that misstate the facts. Mission Pie neither owns nor is owned by Pie Ranch. See you around the banana cream!

    • @ Mission Pie: Thanks for the clarification! I’m planning to visit Pie Ranch in May, so it’ll be great to see how it gets from there to your facility. And I’m hoping to revisit Mission Pie again very soon and learn more about how you do business. (And maybe have another slice of your banana cream pie.)

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