The best day of the week


I saw this parody video about the “coffee war” in San Francisco and had to share. It’s referring to the backlash that Blue Bottle faced when it tried to open a coffee cart (not even a store!) in the Mission District of San Francisco. And also the general hipster-ness of coffee in some parts of SF. Ha!

My favorite quote from it:
From the cafes of North Beach to the cubicles of SoMa, coffee has protected San Franciscans from bitter, low-60s temperatures for decades.

Happy weekend. :)


9 thoughts on “The best day of the week

  1. Ahahaha, the hilariousness of this video is killing me as an SF native. I’ve seen so many trashy neighborhoods evolve into hipster hangouts over the years. To think I used to drink coffee made in a big coffee urn and not individually hand made! Hmph! =P

    Oh, and it’s like 58 degrees today. It’s like a deep freeze, I tell you!

    • Oh, I know! I remember when the Mission was a scary place that I shouldn’t be walking around in with my big nerd glasses and violin case when I was in middle school. Now look at it! Hipster central.

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