A photography exhibit by Miss Bobby


My friend Bobby has a photo exhibition in a local cafe here (congrats, Miss B!). There was a reception today, so we went to check out her lovely pics.

Also, this marked the first (and very likely only) time I was in an exhibition — Bobby put one of her photos of me in there! In it, I’m texting. I think it symbolizes the essence of the Silicon Valley, how we are all tied to our technology at the expense of human, face-to-face interactions.

(Surely something much deeper than me just being rude and texting during our conversation that night. Right?)


(Note to self: learn how to make cuter arrows in Photoshop.)

Bobby also tested out my new camera. Not that I’m trying to enable or tempt her with the glory that is full frame, but — Bobby, look at this picture you took! Isn’t that bokeh awesome? Just sayin’. :P



3 thoughts on “A photography exhibit by Miss Bobby

  1. You are good enough.

    Thanks for coming by – it was lovely to meet John and to pose for you. I was rather lacking sleep and energy, but I surely enjoyed the whole thing, as humble as it was.

    See you for dinner sometime soon!

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