A Christmas in the Park scene

So, it’s February, and Christmas is far behind us. (As is winter, apparently — what’s up with the 70F degree weather? I seriously dislike warm weather in winter — so unnatural.) And because I am so lazy, I am only now posting my black and white film pics from December. These were taken in San Jose’s annual Christmas in the Park. We always make sure to go once a year. Also, I make a rare appearance in the pics! Because eh, why not?

Anyway, sorry for the blog neglect. I am suffering from a serious case of full-frame-camera withdrawal. *sad trumpet sound*



7 thoughts on “A Christmas in the Park scene

  1. haha- you crack me up!
    yes, definitely unnatural to have such nice weather during winter, but i LOVE it =)
    beautiful BW photos! that’s a really nice photo of you.

  2. Especially love the second-to-last shot, something about all those pretty lights with the palm trees. :) I totally feel you on full-frame withdrawal, I used my friend’s Mark II to shoot her courthouse wedding last fall and I’m still crying inside!

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