Worst comparison shots ever

I was dying to see how the full frame 5d compared to my XSi, so I had planned to do some comparison shots. Unfortunately, apparently when I’m sick, I get lazy and sloppy. As a result, I took only a few comparison shots between the two cameras, and the tests were fatally flawed for a number of reasons:

1) I had to use a different lens on each camera (50mm/1.4 on the 5d, and the Sigma 30mm/1.4) — this meant that the field of view and aperture was approximately the same (as the Sigma 30mm is ~48mm on my cropped camera) BUT since these lenses are so different, what I’m essentially comparing are the lens, not the cameras.
2) I shot the 5d in RAW and the XSi in jpeg. So the XSi was adding on in-camera processing to the pics, whereas the 5d wasn’t.
3) I didn’t get the same exact placement of the objects in the food pics. This was because I only remembered a few minutes after doing the 5d shots that I should reshoot with my XSi. Terrible.
4) Probably a number of other things I can’t remember.

So, for all intents and purposes, I did not do comparison shots. The only thing these “comparisons” are really good for seeing how my normal shots look different on different cameras. Well, if you’re interested, here are some of the shots. Can you tell which is full frame and which isn’t? All pics are straight out of the camera.

The full frame pics were on the left side on the diptychs, and the first nighttime shot. Again, worst comparison shots ever. Ah well.


9 thoughts on “Worst comparison shots ever

  1. Both look great!

    I have an XSI too and have always wondered how much of difference it would be if shot from an upgraded camera. Did you start with an XSI too?


    That’s the road that leads up to Santana Row/ Valley Fair, right? RIGHT? I am sooo sure of this lool… A little too overexcited? Yeah, maybe haha. But I’m totally in awe because I used to live around there lol.

    And if this IS where I think it is, then where did you get that HEAVENLY looking sandwhich, and how come I’ve never been there?!?

  3. OK nvm…my mom is insisting that this isn’t the same street, –even though I’M STILL SO SURE– and I kinda feel like a moron now buuuut…PLEASE TELL ME I’M RIGHT.

    And if I’m not, uhh….just kidding?


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