Randomness in full frame

A few more random snapshots before I had to return the 5d. Sigh. Miss it already.

Also, that dog pictured below was such a sweetheart. I’m just saying, maybe my serious cat (also pictured) could take some lessons in wagging her tail and letting strangers rub her belly. (Not that I don’t love my cat. She’s cool and all. Just, you know. Maybe some tail wagging would be nice.)



6 thoughts on “Randomness in full frame

  1. WHAT A CUTE DOG. and my what striking features your cat has!

    Cats are cool, but I have to agree, dogs are pretty awesome too!

  2. hi penny! that’s her name, right?! she’s such a cutie, even if she doesn’t wag her tail. actually, i’m not sure if a cat wagging her tail is a good thing =) it would be so cool to put her next to my lena. gorgeous pics!

  3. Such a cute dog. A flirt just like mine! Don’t let your cat see you typing that you want more tail wagging, then you’ll never get it!! Ah, but so many funny memories of my childhood cats.

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