Top Nosh Cafe

My new favorite place! Top Nosh specializes in savory pies, with salads, soups, coffees, and desserts as well. I knew it was a keeper as soon as I stepped inside; the ambiance was warm and cozy, but also very open and airy. The pies look deceptively small, but they are surprisingly filling (and so good!). The owner and her son were both working behind the register and were so friendly, to boot.

And as if I wasn’t already in love with the place, I saw a dessert that I had never seen in person before: cafe affogato. It’s vanilla ice cream with a shot of cold espresso poured over top. I had only heard it mentioned once before (on Bonnie Tsang’s photoblog), and it sounded so good that I had to try it here. And yes, it was amazing — the perfect blend of tart and sweet. The perfect finisher for a meal. We will definitely become regulars here.

Top Nosh Cafe
1167 Lincoln Ave
San Jose, CA 95125


7 thoughts on “Top Nosh Cafe

  1. ooh i love this set of images!

    and affogatos killlll me, in that i love them but the combination of sugar and espresso make me bounce off the walls hahah. just espresso is fine, but for some reason, add some sugar, and i’m done for.

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