Cako Bakery

We went to San Fran again this weekend for some good eats with our friend DC. I’ll have to break the trip into different posts so as not to have picture overload, so I’ll call out the dessert part of it first (because why not?). I wanted to visit any dessert place that was awesome, and Cako Bakery called out to me. First, it was literally .01 miles away from where we were standing at the time. Second, the store front is a window filled with cupcakes (such a smart design!):


(I would’ve liked to step back and show all of the store front, but if I stepped back any further, the mad rush of shoppers would have walked right past, so I had a step in a bit closer and block ’em off.)

And inside:


They had cookies, too:

But the cupcakes were the real scene-stealers:

And the two we brought home (I got gingerbread, and J. got apple pie):

Cako Bakery
211 O’farrell Street
(between Powell St & Cyril Magnin St)
San Francisco, CA


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