Images of winter

Some images of winter around here. Oh how I wish it was snowing. (Like I do every year.) And the soup — I made that from sort-of scratch! “Sort-of” because I didn’t make the pasta and chicken stock myself, etc. But still, much more from scratch than getting it from a can, I’d say. It was really easy and pretty tasty. Plus, when I reheated it, it was really good! Surprising. I’ll definitely be making it again.

My winter


5 thoughts on “Images of winter

  1. That soup looks so yummy! We’ve found the same thing, that things cooked in a pot are typically better the next day, reheated – spaghetti sauce, chili, soup, etc. :) Love the first shot especially.

  2. snow is so romantic. i love the snow effect on your blog!
    beautiful tones on the bike image. and such yummy looking soup – i can tell it would be perfect for a cold winter day.

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