Saturday night gluttony

It was our friend JD’s birthday last week, and we celebrated at his house. But really, he did all the heavy-lifting: buying all the ingredients, cooking, and entertaining. And the food was so amazing — check it out:

* appetizers including butternut squash & apple soup, and ridiculously good bread and dipping oil
* risotto cooked with Stout beer (complete with a Dharma label from Lost)
* vegetables cooked with apple cider
* Fred Steak — the most amazingly delicious steak, with secret, special marinade
* molten lava cakes
* boba

Needless to say, we ate way too much. J. and I were literally still full the next day.

Oh, and another fun part of the night was trying out JD’s new camera system: the Sony NEX-5, a camera that is the size of a tiny point-and-shoot camera but has the quality of a DSLR, complete with interchangeable lenses. And what’s so neat about it is that you can attach a little mount to it, and bam! You can now use vintage lenses. So JD bought an old Canon 50mm/1.2 (1.2!!!) lens to use with it (check out the 1984 Olympics sticker on the lens cap!). And then he lent it to me for the week. So fun. So tempting to get myself! Seriously…


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