Good eats in film

I developed my first roll of film back in May and loved it (you can see some of those pics in an earlier post). I immediately put another roll of film into my camera, finished the roll, and then… let it sit in my camera for 5 months. Yes, I’m just that lazy in getting it processed.

But I got onto a film kick this past week, and decided not only to develop that roll, but also use up another roll and get them both developed this weekend. And I did! Whew. I picked up 2 more rolls of film at the processing lab — including one roll of black and white film!!! — with the intent of finishing at least 1 roll within the next 2 weeks (maybe sooner) and getting it developed exactly 2 weeks from now. No more of this 5 months business.

Here are a few of the food shots I took with the photos I got back today. Odd, but the scanned pics look significantly lighter and desaturated than the actual pictures, which are richer and more contrast-y. Oh well, close enough.



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