A pizza party

J. and I were kindly invited to dinner at my good friend Chandara‘s house, where we found out she and her hubby (and us, of course) were making pizza! We had never made pizza from scratch before, and pizza is J.’s favorite food, so it was perfect. Also, be sure to check out her blog post about the dinner here!

The preparation:

Cute drinks:

And the finished product:

A very fun time! As J. said as he sat back in the lounge chair that night, “This is the life.”


9 thoughts on “A pizza party

  1. Look delish! J is right- it’s moments like these that make life special. Nothing beats sharing a wonderful evening with your loved ones (and good food helps too =)

  2. So many pictures here for me to drool over! Great photos! I love those stripey straws – have already got them on my list for my birthday next year. I usually make everything for our guests, but this idea of making the pizzas together is definitely one I’m going to put into practice.

    • Those were Chandara’s idea; she loves little touches like that. They are cute, aren’t they? (And actually, the pizzas didn’t quiiiiite turn out as pretty as they look — they were tasty but burned on the bottom. But still very tasty! I blame the faulty pizza stone.)

      • Hee hee! No harm done from a little burning on the bottom – we’re none the wiser from these beautiful pics! And the journey to the (crispy!) destination was fun too. I really love the quality of light you’ve portrayed. Glad you enjoyed your pizza party. You inspired me to get out the lensbaby last weekend…. :)

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