The beginnings of my Lensbaby relationship

I haven’t yet processed my birthday pics, but they’re not great, so no rush. However, yesterday, we had dinner with our friend JD. It started off with ramen:

And we went over to get boba next door afterward. And that’s where JD gave me his bday gift — a Lensbaby!

It’s a type of lens that gives dreamy, surreal images where the edges of the pictures look swooped outwards. And you can even physically bend and tilt the lens itself, which leads to more surreal swooping. Of course, this meant that taking pictures was hard at first, especially given that it’s only manual focus (instead of the autofocus that I’m used to):

But with boba and some practice, things started to get better:

And today after work, I was able to practice a bit more with it — it’s so fun! I can’t wait to try it in different situations.


4 thoughts on “The beginnings of my Lensbaby relationship

  1. We got a lens baby before our big holiday to USA this past June! Can’t wait to see you play with it more too. I love how you’ve used it in the shots above. I had it out again just last night and was thinking I need to use it more around home.

  2. how awesome – he sure knows what you want for birthday!! too bad my hubby can’t seem to (or want to, conveniently) know the stuff on my equipment wish list, ha! happy happy birthday!

  3. Beautiful images! What a great gift, I’d love a Lensbaby! It’s probably the closest thing to a tilt-shift lens I’ll ever be able to afford. I’m so glad to hear you’re having fun with yours. :)

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