The beginning of summer

Flashback to May 12, 2010 — I had an unusual evening free, so I decided to try out my brand new 50mm/1.4 and took a walk around town. The light was gorgeous, and it really marked the beginning of summer. Also, these were taken during after 7pm that night — and now look, the sun sets at 7pm. As much as I love winter, the early darkness can be a bit sad for some photographers, I think.


4 thoughts on “The beginning of summer

  1. yeah, don’t you love your 50mm 1.4?? i didn’t use it much at first, then got addicted to it not only for the great images that it produces, but also it’s the lightest & smalles lens (and i like to be as inconspicious as possible with my camera =)

    yay for your beautiful new blog banner!

  2. I love my 1.4! You’re right, it’s so light and tiny. But on a cropped camera, it’s still kind of zoomed up for me. I bet on my next camera (which will be full frame, but I can’t buy it for a long time!), it’ll be perfect.

    I think a Sigma 30mm/1.4 might be perfect on my XSi… I might buy that soon, actually. We’ll see! :)

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