Visiting the Mission

I had one lone goal this summer: visit Bi-Rite Ice Creamery, a famous ice cream shop in the Mission District of San Francisco.  They make boutique flavors of ice cream, like honey lavender, salted caramel, and strawberry balsamic (in addition to more traditional flavors).  Since this was a 3 day weekend marking the end of summer, we figured this would be the perfect time to visit and cross off this item on my checklist.

So today, we went up to the Mission and had lunch with some friends, and then wandered through the district.  It was so very colorful, in all sense of the word.  And smelly (apparently, many people think that smoking weed and peeing anywhere you’d like is a-okay in the Mission).  But still nicely colorful.  Anyway, here are some pics from today.

PS: A quick note about these pics — all taken with my regular old kit lens!  It’s not bad; not super sharp and clear, but I liked the wideness of it.

PPS: At Bi-Rite, I got the salted caramel and malted vanilla with peanut brittle.  The salted caramel wasn’t so great; kind of like burned caramel.  But the vanilla was great.  And J. got the cinnamon ice cream with snickerdoodle bits — that was a good one.


6 thoughts on “Visiting the Mission

    • Thank you! I use a variety of different actions, mainly from CinnamonRose. For this set of pics from the Mission, though, I used my own processing (adding contrast and an exposure layer) — except for the pic of the cups inside the bakery window (that was the Gauze action from CinnamonRose).

      If you want to know for a particular pic, just let me know! I might not remember but I’ll try my best.

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