A San Francisco weekend

Aaaah, neglecting my blog (and flickr and tumblr) lately. I have been feeling uninspired lately. But I think it’s coming back! Maybe!

This weekend is a San Francisco weekend. Yesterday, I went up to SF to meet a friend from flickr, Karleen (check out her amazing flickr stream and blog). I had such a lovely time! My only regret is that we didn’t end up talking about photography until the very end — she had some great tips and was teaching me how to shoot in manual mode. Next time, I won’t make that mistake! I have so many more questions that I bet she could so easily answer!

And today, I met up with a friend from graduate school, whom I hadn’t seen in 3 years. It was great to see him again too; just like old times. Except these were much less stressful circumstances compared to trying to get a PhD. We met at Blue Bottle, a coffee shop in San Francisco, which had amazing lighting. So Karleen’s tips + wide open windows = the beginnings of my photo mojo coming back.

Tomorrow will be the third and final day I have to go up to SF; this time, it will be to see J.’s friend, who’s visiting the US. Is it possible to turn pro at BARTing into the city? I’ve been training all weekend; I think I have a good shot at becoming the national champion.


One thought on “A San Francisco weekend

  1. omg- this place would be a heavenly place to visit! i’m getting a caffeine jolt just looking at the images!! =)

    i had such a lovely time too! wish we had more time to talk about photography too. it’s always so fun to talk about photography when the other person is just as interested in the topic as me! and looking at your pics inspire me so much (some pics from my portland set may look like yours, haha!). perhaps next time we can do a photo walk. xoxo.

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