Portland: Monday

On Monday, we went to Pearl Bakery in the morning, a bakery with amazing pastries, and then tried out the food stands for lunch.  Food stands are apparently quite popular in Portland.  They were cheap, fast, but also really delicious (well, the one place we went to, but the other ones looked just as good!).  We got chicken and rice, which came wrapped in just white paper — no bowl or plate.  Afterward, we went to a Japanese garden, which was huge and lovely.  We finished off the day with dinner at Kenny and Zuke’s, and then chai from a nearby gelato place (as it was suddenly too cold for gelato again).

I have to say, Portland impressed me this day — they do food stands way better than us, and their Japanese garden is better than ours too (and ours is pretty good — a scene from “Memoirs of a Geisha” was filmed at our local Japanese garden!).  Touché, Portland.  Touché.


2 thoughts on “Portland: Monday

  1. Back from my portland trip and came back to see your images again. I recognized some of these places. It’s really fun to see how you captured the city after seeing the city myself =)

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