Portland: Saturday

We went to Portland for the last 4 days for vacation. We had a few criteria for potential vacation places — a place we hadn’t visited before, was cooler in temperature (thus, north of us), and was happenin’! We visited Seattle last year, so this year, we decided on Portland. I took lots of pics, so instead of putting them all into one post, I’ll break it up into several different posts.

On Saturday, we stayed downtown in a hotel, which was a perfect location for us, since we didn’t have a car and were going to walk everywhere. We arrived in the early evening on Saturday, and took a quick walk around before having dinner. We went to Jake’s Famous Crawfish for dinner, a restaurant that has been open for 110 years (!!!). And then we saw Toy Story 3 in the Living Room Theaters, a movie theater for adults 21 years old and over — awesome. It was part restaurant, so you could bring in food and drink (like, real food, not movie theater food) into the theater. The seats were huge, like little sofas. And it was just so nice, watching a movie and not having to worry that someone will be kicking the back of your seat or talking on the phone. Sigh.

Anyway, some shots from that day:


3 thoughts on “Portland: Saturday

  1. i LOVE your first photo!! if i could fav it, i totally would. we’re also looking for cooler places to visit too, but being the last minute people we are, we haven’t planned anything yet… your photos are really making me want to plan a trip to portland.

  2. Thank you! We are last minute people, too! We decided on Tuesday that we’d go to Portland on Saturday – Tuesday. So last minute (even for us)! It was great, although I’d recommend probably just 2 – 3 days instead of 4.

  3. We passed by Jake’s Famous Crawfish and saw how large the place was, but I didn’t know it had been open for that long! You’re right – 3 days was enough. I think we covered pretty much everything we wanted to see. We have done so much walking that our feet are still throbbing!

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