Snow Day in Lake Tahoe

Over the weekend, our class went to Lake Tahoe to celebrate our upcoming graduation.  I had never been, so I was excited to go.  Less excited about the potential hiking in the mountains (the number of people I know who like to hike is astounding; must be something in the water here).  But still excited to see a new place for the first time.

And I’ll admit, I really wanted it to snow, even though we were going now, in late May.  But I guess someone somewhere up there likes me, because IT SNOWED!  As an added bonus, because it snowed, there were no hikes.  Win win.  Is snow great or what?

Anyway, the weekend was full of snow, BBQ, snow, board games, and snow.  I really liked the snow part of it.  I also kept referring to the weekend as “Snow Day,” if that gives you any indication of my mindset this weekend.  Snow.  Some pics from the weekend:


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